When, as a child, I used to play with soil, mixing it with water and giving it shape, I couldn’t understand why my mother would get so angry… it was a mystery!

When the time came and I finally worked with clay again, at the age of 24, I felt like I found what I had lost. It is the material that challenges you to become a “Creator”. This material takes its complete, final image solely with the addition of three others (water, wind, fire).

Before I even finished my college studies, I had begun working and experimenting with just the basic equipment. In 1987, when I opened my studio, ceramics became a way of life for me; a continuous pursuit with pleasant and unpleasant surprises. An endless game with materials and techniques.

Ceramics’ beauty begins from the many techniques you can use. Techniques which call for many years of practice on the pottery wheel, many years of practice in sculpting and composition.

In reality, there are as many techniques as there are potters.

I work with many techniques both in the construction phase as well as in the decoration and glazing processes, as is evident by the gamut of my work. I also work with many different kinds of clays, depending on the object and the creation’s requirements. I use the pottery wheel for round patterns, my hands for sculptures, slab techniques, and mixed techniques for complex compositions. In some works, I carve designs that I later decorate with different-colored clay or with stain patinas.

I use engobes, namely liquid clay slips, of different types for color and special effects, while I also make my own glazes with raw materials and oxides.

When I fire I also employ various methods and temperatures depending on the result I would like to achieve. Experimentation, methodology, and attention are needed in all phases, because surprises are not uncommon and indeed determinant factors. It is these surprises that create the addiction to the art of ceramics, as well as the agony of the metamorphosis of when you open the kiln. To touch and feel the new entities which are acquiring their final form, which have their own personality, and which will henceforth live in this world with us…