When we were children, during our… quiet times, we sat down to carve lines in the soil and played games with pebles, taught to us by the elders.
We did what people have always been doing, since the beginning of history, in the most direct and natural way.

However, the most “magical” games for us were two incredibly beautiful board games made of clay, in shapes that may not resemble anything familiar, but that would reflect familiarity and warmth.
Games which my grandmother would guard carefully, almost piously, whose round corners and worn colors indicated they came of times passed.

With these images in my head, I recently decided to become involved in the creation of games.
While searching, I found that we, humankind, have always considered games as a special and favorite hobby, but mostly as a means of communication.

Since the dawn of civilization, games have triggered our imaginations with wonderful results. There exists a plethora of games with beautiful and inventive constructions, with complex rules.
Throughout time, some evolved while others disappeared or were replaced by new ones.

It is interesting to notice that in all civilizations which played a role in our history, certain special games were developed.
Thus, through archeological digs, many forgotten ancient games, which are predecessors to today’s games, became known.
Some of them have been prominently placed in some of the largest museums of the world, yet others occupy a prominent position in our hearts and in our imaginations.

I began making games with clay and soon felt the “magical energy” that they emit, as live beings with particular personalities living amongst us; they need us to observe them and they challenge us to play with them and have fun. They change moods depending on the light or shadow, becoming more playful or serious. They grow up with us, and change appearance through the years…